New member, SoftConsulting joined the Association of Business Service Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SoftConsulting s.p. Tuzla is first B&H virtual management consulting agency (, which primary goal is business development. This is a new type of business consulting services based on a combination of: business analysis, planning, marketing and information technology. Business improvement and development are the primary business consulting tasks we provide to our clients.

The comparative advantage of SoftConsulting is reflected in the usage of modern technologies and multidisciplinary business skills, where the benefits of using modern technologies are primarily directed at human potentials, as carrier of business development and development of B&H society. So, knowledge economy and business consulting based on that principles is a basic feature of our business concept.

SoftConsulting provides innovative, development and marketing solutions to achieve clients’ marketing goals, with the help of professional and quality business consulting services. They use individual approach to each of the development projects. Working together with clients they help them to better identify market needs, as well as the intrinsic characteristics of the company we work with on the business improvement project.

They are specialized in change management and digital business transformation. They help companies in defining successful business & financial models or a clear vision for future client success, but also in developing coherent business plans for export oriented companies, and improving existing business models and strategies.

The goal is to improve their clients’ business performance, primarily through analyzing existing business problems and developing an improvement plan, to generate additional financial results for our clients. The aim of this business consultancy is not only to point out the existing deficiencies and omissions in the business, but to provide professional assistance to clients in order to proactively manage change and plan the business future.

The primary efforts of their social responsibility are focused on: sustainable development, transparent governance, social responsibility, lifelong learning and equal opportunities in work. By investing in intellectual capital, as a driver of developmental changes in the company, they continuously improve our own business activities, as well as clients’ business and partnership relations.

They base their business relationships with clients and partners on long-term and fair cooperation. In doing so, they want to achieve transparency in their business cooperation and to ensure the sustainable development of our individual activities through jointly undertaken projects. By acting positively and proactively in the market, they aim to encourage other businesses to align their operations with business principles that will enable the promotion of a knowledge economy and social cohesion.

Some of their products are e-Manuals (20), related to transfer technology issues: management & HR, finance, marketing and sales. The basic mission of business portal, with its content and quality, is to provide affirmation of business consulting and become a source of knowledge for business people and to benefit of managers of all levels.