We are very pleased to welcome Consortio d.o.o. to our exclusive business network – the Association of Business Services Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Consortio provides the following services: Project Management, Consulting, Business Networking, Merger and Acquisitions, Supply Chain Management, Real Estate Solutions, Scandinavian Market Penetration

Their vision is to become one of the leading consulting and management companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By treating their co-workers and clients to help them develop their capabilities, inspire them and provide them with the conditions for strategic decisions that will result in long-term and self-sustaining well-being. Their core values are entrepreneurship, commitment and effectiveness.

They take care of clients’ needs and want to contribute to the development of their businesses / businesses. What sets us apart from others is their ambition, ability to apply business skills and a huge business network. Understanding clients’ needs, challenges and opportunities they face further motivates them not only to provide quality collaboration, but to act as a proactive partner.

In future, Consortio will be mostly focused on consulting, project management and real estate development services. Also, Consortio is now focused on expanding our network of international clients in order to provide services all over the Europe.

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