A global supply chain and logistics company – Blackthorne joined the Association of Business Service Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a member.

Blackthorne d.o.o. Sarajevo provides Supply Chain Management, Customer Operations and other IT Services. Blackthorne Sarajevo is a member of Blackthorne Group that operates with offices in 21 countries with constant expansion. BlackthorneIT is a global supply chain and logistics company based in London, UK.  Blackthorne provides a door-to-door service for risk-averse technology corporates who demand 100% compliance, the highest standards of delivery execution and an experienced partner in all aspects of global supply chain logistics, ensuring the delivery of the right product, to the right recipient, on-time and matching or exceeding clients’ expectations. They specialise in handling telco and IT products, but since they always try to meet the needs of the market their scope of work has expanded to customer operations among other things.

In offices in Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, they provide the following services:
– One stop shop for freight forwarding services
– A one stop overseas representation and logistics company with a fanatical attention to detail on all matters of compliance
– Importer of Record (IOR) & Exporter of Record (EOR) – award winning customs clearance
– Export Licensing – they are conversant with all the latest legislation and definitions
– Data Centre deliveries – legal entity and compliance specialists in these environments

Blackthorne has been acting as IOR/EOR for companies for over 20 years – when the activity was called “Registered Importer” or “Registered Exporter”. They provide Legal Entity representation for clients in 226 countries around the world. Besides IOR/EOR services they do offer a complete supply chain management solutions.

If you want to speak to people with real practical experience of this type of activity – call them for a friendly jargon-free chat about your potential requirements.

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