Unija is an international accounting company, distinguished by high quality services and advanced solutions, as well as a high degree of satisfaction and trust, both for customers and professional public.

With the aim of achieving the highest standards of services based on high professional capabilities, almost a decade ago the company started to combine independent accounting services in Slovenia as well as in other countries of former Yugoslavia. In 2004, with the merger of 3 accounting services, they made the first step in solving the lack of professional skills and combined companies under one roof called “Unija”.

They offer accounting, payroll and consulting to companies of all sizes and shapes in 14 markets of Central and Eastern Europe, where the highest level of quality is provided by a team of highly professional and experienced experts!

In order to provide their clients with only high-quality services and top-notch data security, Unija has acquired the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2014 certificates.

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