Nadina Gradascevic Consulting supports international executives, leaders and teams in recognizing and unleashing their talents, exploring potential, and developing sustainable strategies – they make a difference by building outstanding leaders one person/one company at time.

As a business and leadership consultant and independent certified speaker, trainer, coach and mentor Nadina Gradascevic helps teams and companies to move in the desired direction, transform their leadership culture, improve their performance and achieve their goals. She is an engaged entrepreneur, thought leader and astute strategist with 15 years of international experience in driving and managing sales and business development, pioneering new concepts and products and advising leading global companies (DAX 30, STOXX 50, FTSE, ATX) and clients from 30+ countries (Europe, EMEA, USA).

Nadina Gradascevic Consulting approach: – together we equip and empower people so that they can add value to their companies; – we increase productivity and efficiency; – we challenge the status quo and implement sustainable strategies; – we lead by example and strive for outstanding results and excellence in business and leadership.

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