November 18th, 2021

Hotel Hills Sarajevo


ABSL BiH is organizing the Annual Conference to inspire change and catalyze the development of the business-service companies and industry’s growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Western Balkans. The conference’s main objectives are focused on the promotion of the location of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its talents, and perspectives.

The diverse agenda includes events such as debate sessions with local and international leaders, as well as presentations, keynotes, and insights from the ABSL BiH Annual Country Report 2021.


local and international participants and watchers

30+ speakers

coming from globally known organizations

Top media

from the region


A tailor-made hybrid event about the upcoming trends, challenges, and perspectives in the business service sector. 



  • The evolution of the Business – Services Sector (BSS)
  • The current state of the BSS in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Crossing borders and driving change and transformation, etc.


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: your trusted BSS location
  • Opportunities and challenges of doing business in BiH
  • The industries success stories and hidden gems, etc.


  • Creating new opportunities for talents
  • Value of our resource pool today
  • Future fit and skills for growth, etc.


  Registration and netwoking
First keynote: Evolution of BSS

Second keynote: Attracting and retaining people and investors
Leaders talk

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