IT consultancy company, Softhouse Balkans d.o.o. joined our exclusive network – The Association of Business Service Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Softhouse Balkans provides IT services such as application lifecycle management including software development.

IT Company Softhouse Balkans was founded in 2014 in Sarajevo as one of the five equal branches under the Swedish group Softhouse Consulting. Prior to starting a business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a company has been operating in Sweden, but its consultant, Himzo Musić, pointed out the potentials and knowledge of the young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the company in Sarajevo was formed.

The uniqueness of this company is reflected in the fact that they combine the best from Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a Swedish system of working and initiatives that embody safety for employees, and from BH i tis a start-up culture in which young, smart and ambitious people are working to gain additional knowledge and education.

Softhouse Consulting was one of the first companies to introduce agile methodology in Sweden and we signed our first Agile contract in 2002. Since then we have supported some of Sweden’s leading companies to develop their software business. We have counseled and coached several agile transformations, trained several thousand Scrum Masters and published over 20 publications in lean and agile leadership.

Softhouse can help you with:
1. Software development

  • New software development
  • Maintenance
  • Adaptation

2. Organization development

  • Deliver earlier and more often
    Get a high-performing team
    Create more efficient workflows

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