New member, SmartLab joined the Association of Business Service Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SmartLab is learning design company serving clients to create virtual learning environment and to design and develop learning tools and content in manner which improve learning and learning experience in general.

SmartLab Services

Online Courses
eLearning content design and development from scratch. They can implement your ideas into highly qualitative engaging courses and help you maximize your revenue in training investment. Their courses are built to improve the performance of your employees and decrease your training expenditure.

  • Adaptive and responsive courses
  • Micro learning animated videos
  • Scenario-based learning paths
  • Gamified learning experience

Educational Video Animation
Trainees entertainment and education with the attention-grabbing and engaging animated videos. With this, you can present your products, teach your learners and explain your workflow with interactive multimedia content.

  • Conversion of your written user manuals into screen capturing video tutorials
  • An introductory video of your services and complex features
  • Whiteboard animation explanatory videos
  • Generating special effects for gamified learning content

Development and programming
Back and front-end development of learning and performance management systems, as well as custom functions and interactivity options making your courses compelling and user-friendly.

  • Custom-made tracking and reporting features
  • Flash to HTML5 conversion of existing courses to enable delivery for multiple platforms
  • WordPress based quizzes
  • Engaging tools for webinars
  • Augmented reality integrated

Moodle LMS Implementation
SmartLab uses the leading open source learning management system Moodle which offers fully customisable features to create private websites with online courses.

  • A strong community which constantly finds new solutions for different challenges
  • Create your theme in accordance with your company’s brand identity
  • Strong reporting and tracking options
  • Fully adaptable to different devices