In order to achieve the first visible contribution to the outsourcing industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABSL BiH has been meticiously working on the creation of the first ever ABSL Annual Report covering the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

In general ABSL reports offer a comprehensive overview of the business and outsourcing services sector within a country’s market, an overview of digital tools and strategies used by domestic companies in order to achieve competitive advantage, an overview of innovation levels and global reach of companies within the market and they also provide insight into the current labor market situation.

They are a direct result of an extensive survey conducted among ABSL members and an independent research conducted across the entire sector.

The ABSL Report is the go-to publication used by investors, during the process of planning an expansion of their business within new markets, specifically across territories of the country whose market was covered by the said report.

We plan to publish the first report in a couple of months’ time, in September 2020, until then download the Teaser Report and take a peek at what awaits you!